Healthcare Team


  • Rozina Hanley – Clinical Pharmacist
  • Rebecca Parkes – Prescription Clerk
  • Henry House – Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technicians

Pharmacy technicians support the Practice Pharmacist to ensure the delivery of safe, effective and efficient systems for repeat prescribing, medicines optimisation, reducing medicines waste and maximising patient outcomes.

The role includes:

  • Supporting clinical medication reviews and medicines management
  • Participating in the daily preparation of repeat prescriptions in order to ensure high quality, safe and timely repeat prescribing
  • Medicines reconciliation
  • To provide advice to GPs, staff and patients in changes to prescribing in order to support the improvement of prescribing safety
  • Medication reviews
  • Control of medicines stocks

Social Prescribing Link Worker

  • Jenny Luisada

Social prescribing can help to strengthen community resilience and personal resilience, and reduces health inequalities, addressing the wider determinants of health by increasing patients’ active involvement with their local communities.

It particularly works for patients who: have long-term conditions (including support for mental health), are lonely or isolated, or have complex social needs which affect their wellbeing.

The role includes:

  • Working with patients to co-produce a simple personalised support plan to address the patients’ health and wellbeing needs based on the person’s priorities, interests, values and motivations
  • Developing effective and supportive working relationships with local VCSE organisations, community groups and statutory services, to make timely, appropriate and supported referrals for patients
  • Working in partnership with local voluntary and community organisations to build a comprehensive directory of local resource to design and support social prescribing
  • Identifying local community assets and gaps in local provision.


  • Sophie Daley
  • Kim Bick

Physicians Associates

Physician associates (PAs) are healthcare professionals with a generalist medical education who work alongside our doctors providing medical care as an integral part of the multidisciplinary team.
PAs work under the supervision of a doctor but can work autonomously with appropriate support.

The role includes:

  • taking medical histories from patients
  • carrying out physical examinations
  • seeing patients with undifferentiated diagnoses
  • seeing patients with long-term chronic conditions
  • formulating differential diagnoses and management plans
  • carrying out diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
  • developing and delivering appropriate treatment
  • requesting and interpreting diagnostic studies
  • providing health promotion and disease prevention advice for patients
  • Abida Chowdhury

Health Visitors

Health visitors are registered nurses employed by Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS trust, who has received training particularly related to babies, children and pregnant women. Their role is to provide families with children under five years old with support and advice around the general aspects of mental, physical and social wellbeing.