Patient Partner

HGH has launched an automated telephone appointment booking system which patients can use around the clock, known as Patient Partner. The automated system enables patients to book, cancel or amend appointments at any time without the need to speak to a receptionist. The automated system has been designed to make it easier for patients call at any time to manage their appointments, freeing up telephone lines for other queries and urgent problems.

Hall Green Health is committed to providing excellent patient care, but as one of the largest surgeries in the West Midlands, pressure on the phone lines can cause delays. Hall Green Health wants to make it as easy as possible for patients to get in touch with the practice and Patient Partner will offer improved flexibility and access for our patients.

Callers can book, amend or cancel appointments. This system allows patients to notify the surgery if their appointment is no longer needed, enabling appointments to be reallocated to other patients.

Hall Green Health hopes that as patients get used to the system, more people will use it. We realise that not everyone will want to use the automated service and if people prefer to speak to a receptionist to make an appointment, they may do so or use our Online Patient Access system.

The new system is simple to use. Calls are made to the surgery’s usual number. Callers then select the Patient Partner option from the menu and follow the instructions given. They can also use the system to check, amend or cancel appointments.