Coronavirus Update

Dear Patient,

Coronavirus remains an ongoing risk despite the Government easing of restrictions and will continue to be a real risk to us all until such time as the country has developed herd immunity (requiring many millions more people to become infected) or there is an effective vaccine.

We are extremely grateful to all our patients who have made considerable efforts to manage their medical problems by themselves through this pandemic and request that everyone continues to be sensible and follow advice regarding appropriate safety measures and accessing support and advice from a variety of sources (pharmacist, optician, dentist, nhs111) prior to contacting the surgery where this is appropriate.

We need to continue to do everything we can to protect the vulnerable members of our community and also protect your surgery team so that we remain able to offer you an effective service.

Therefore, for the foreseeable future (at least until Spring 2021), the vast majority of appointments will be via telephone or video.

The ONLY exceptions are when an intervention is essential for your care. This would be for a physical intervention such as a blood test, smear test, coil fit, etc. A doctor, nurse or paramedic can only bring someone in for a physical examination when it has been agreed by at least 2 clinicians, that the assessment is essential in order to make a key decision on the next appropriate step.

Reducing such assessments is an important part of reducing the numbers attending the surgery and thereby reducing risk of virus transmission and keeping the surgery as safe as possible for those who do need to attend.

If you have a smartphone and feel it is important for you to be able to see a doctor or nurse, then you can request a video consultation. This is often preferred for skin problems or mental health issues. Over the last year, we have learnt that the vast majority of problems can be safely dealt with in a telephone consultation.

The safety of all our patients remains a key priority, so we will do what is necessary to achieve the right balance between keeping you away from the surgery and asking you to attend.

Please continue to work with us so that together we can all stay safe.

Thank you for your support and understanding

Hall Green Health